• completely handmade
  • everything with accuracy square
  • everything with intencion
  • everything at its time
  • everything with joy
  • completely handmade
  • everything with accuracy square
  • todo con intencion lagar quixote movil
  • everything with joy
  • everything at its time

Lagar Quixote is the very first winery in Castilla-La Mancha to employ the ancestral process. This ancient production method consists of bottling the grape must while it is still fermenting, without adding either sugar or yeast, and in this way creating a completely natural sparkling wine.

our work,
a romantic story

vina lagar quixote por la tarde

the vine,
the heart and soul
of our winery

la bodega al corazon del proceso lagar quixote

the cellar,
the heart
of the process

el vino nuestra pasion natural lagar quixote

the wine,
our natural


the result,
the most natural wine in the world

We are pleased to share
news of an exciting prize,
demonstrating the appreciation
our wine has earned


Winner of the Virtus gold prize
Lisbon 2019

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We organise visits and tastings, as well as days out in the vineyards combined with tours of our cellar. Come enjoy an authentic connection to nature, and learn up close and personal how our ancestral wine is produced. Ready?

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