in the beginning, a landscape

Lagar Quixote is the very first winery in Castilla-La Mancha to employ the ancestral process. This ancient production method consists of bottling the grape must while it is still fermenting, without adding either sugar or yeast, and in this way creating a completely natural sparkling wine.


We began producing our “ancestral” sparkling wine, Aire Natural, in 2014, but our story starts much earlier. At the end of the past century, a young boy, the youngest of three generations, was out among the views with his father and his grandfather. He asked, “Papa, how is wine made?” And it was then that the three generations started to experiment with making their first natural wine.

Our winery is, like everything about us, modest and artisanal. It is situated in the quixotic village of El Toboso, with a subterranean design that maintains the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for 100% natural wine-making.