The vines, the heart and soul of our winery

Where the grapes are harvested, before becoming wine, as if by magic.


Our vineyard is nearly a century old. After more than three decades with absolutely not type of treatment or fertilization, we can proudly say that we grow and harvest grapes with full respect to the vines and to the environment itself.

Our vines enjoy a warm and breezy clime due to our elevated location in the foothills of the Sierra de Altomira mountains. From here, 770 meters above sea level, we enjoy views of El Toboso and the windmills of a Mota del Cuervo.

Natives call this area La Vereda, the trail or the footpath; logically, as it is bordered to the west by a path known as the Camino de los Serranos, where the mountain range of Cuenca and the region of Andalusia meet. Furthermore, to the south it joins up with the Camino de El Toboso, in antiquity known as the Camino Real (the Royal Way) from Toledo to Valencia (according to Menenses’ itinerary from the 16th century), and nowadays considered an important part of the Ruta de Quijote (the Route of Quixote).

Our vines are surrounded by olive groves — naturally 100% ecologically raised, too. To the north, almond trees create a natural barrier, and in the spring time also have the additional benefit of supporting our local bee colonies.